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  • BM&H Oilfield Solutions Ltd hopes to build long term relationships with its customers, clients and provide exceptional products by pursuing business through leading manufacturers across the world.

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BM&H Oilfield Solutions Ltd, is a global entity excelling in Resourcing , Supplying ,Contracting and Financing across various industries. With our headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and branches in the United Arab Emirates and Iraq, we are proud to navigate and establish a presence in Middle Eastern markets that pose significant entry challenges for even the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our representation of esteemed manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors globally, ensuring the delivery of top-tier services to our valued Middle Eastern clientele.

Our comprehensive coverage of the Middle Eastern oil and gas sector is bolstered by the endorsement of the Iraqi Minister of Oil.

BM&H Oilfield Solutions Ltd. is a trusted vendor for prominent companies such as Basra Oil Company (BOC), IDC, SGC, ENI, Shell, and PETRONAS. We are supported by a robust network of manufacturers and distributors from the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

As a fully integrated energy company with an expansive operational network worldwide, we are driven by the increasing demand for energy and a greener planet. We are committed to innovating the future of energy through cutting-edge technology and engineering solutions, aiming to maximize and deliver sustainable green energy for the generations to come.


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